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Hang On To Your Underwear!!
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This is a really cool piece you have made here. I love the winter clothing you have put in here, along with the nice backdrop of Saint ...

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Sonic 26th Anniversary by SubwayArtist47 Sonic 26th Anniversary :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 1 0 Mobotropolis Subway Map by SubwayArtist47 Mobotropolis Subway Map :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 1 0 D78 Tube Stock Tribute by SubwayArtist47 D78 Tube Stock Tribute :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 0 Flag of San Fransokyo 2.0 by SubwayArtist47 Flag of San Fransokyo 2.0 :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 2 1 Fictional Flushing-Main Street Station Sign by SubwayArtist47 Fictional Flushing-Main Street Station Sign :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 1 My 'The Art of' Disney Book Collection by SubwayArtist47 My 'The Art of' Disney Book Collection :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 0 Fictional NYC subway Exit Sign by SubwayArtist47 Fictional NYC subway Exit Sign :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 1 United Eswijan Republic Flag by SubwayArtist47 United Eswijan Republic Flag :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 19 Digital Track Map by SubwayArtist47 Digital Track Map :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 1 0 Track Map #1 by SubwayArtist47 Track Map #1 :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 1 1 Flag of Sugar Rush by SubwayArtist47 Flag of Sugar Rush :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 2 0
Big Hero 6 Remembers September 11th
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Big Hero 6 nor any of it's characters. They belong to Disney. 
In in tribute to those who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001. 
Big Hero 6 Remembers 9/11
It was bright morning in San Fransokyo. Many people going about their lives enjoying their day out. However, it's a different type of day; it was the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that occurred in New York City and the Pentagon. There was a memorial service being held downtown at the main police headquarters. In attendance were members of the police & fire departments of San Fransokyo and beyond. Also in attendance were familiar faces of the city; Big Hero 6. All of the team were attendance, and in black clothing. The leader of the team, Hiro, was with Aunt Cass and Baymax. 
There was a little talk with Hiro and Aunt Cass.
"I'm feeling a bit nervous." said Hiro. 
"Don't be afraid to speak."
:iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 4 4
Never Forget 9/11/2001 by SubwayArtist47 Never Forget 9/11/2001 :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 0 Mushroom Kingdom Highway Sign by SubwayArtist47 Mushroom Kingdom Highway Sign :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 0
The T Chapter 2
Chapter 2: A Regular Day's Work
    The sun rose above Sao Paulo. People heading to work or some other place. Meanwhile, in Tommy's house, he woke up to the nice sound of the birds and looking at the bright beautiful sun. After that, he started fixing his bed. Once that was done, he went to the kitchen to make breakfast. A few minutes later, he had scrambled eggs, orange juice, and some nice cereal too. Tommy proceeded to the living room to turn on the tv and watch the news. It talked about a common issue in Brazil; corruption. 
"There will be a protest in downtown Sao Paulo among other cities calling for an end to government corruption." the male newscaster said.
"Corruption, huh..." said Tommy. He understood Portuguese well. He had studied it in high school before moving into the city. After that, he had finished doing breakfast, and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. After that was done, he went to put on his regular clothes (a blue
:iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 0
Deviantart's 16th Anniversary by SubwayArtist47 Deviantart's 16th Anniversary :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 2 0


Antoine Tribal Card by Lord-Kiyo Antoine Tribal Card :iconlord-kiyo:Lord-Kiyo 88 39 Bunny Tribal Card by Lord-Kiyo Bunny Tribal Card :iconlord-kiyo:Lord-Kiyo 175 93 Espio Tribal Card by Lord-Kiyo Espio Tribal Card :iconlord-kiyo:Lord-Kiyo 122 21 Charmy Tribal Card by Lord-Kiyo Charmy Tribal Card :iconlord-kiyo:Lord-Kiyo 151 31 Vector Tribal Card by Lord-Kiyo Vector Tribal Card :iconlord-kiyo:Lord-Kiyo 153 33 Boomer Tribal Card by Lord-Kiyo Boomer Tribal Card :iconlord-kiyo:Lord-Kiyo 117 35 Rouge Tribal Card by Lord-Kiyo Rouge Tribal Card :iconlord-kiyo:Lord-Kiyo 200 43 Knuckles Tribal Card by Lord-Kiyo Knuckles Tribal Card :iconlord-kiyo:Lord-Kiyo 230 81 Blaze Tribal Card by Lord-Kiyo Blaze Tribal Card :iconlord-kiyo:Lord-Kiyo 243 55 Shadow Tribal Card by Lord-Kiyo Shadow Tribal Card :iconlord-kiyo:Lord-Kiyo 304 82 Amy Tribal Card by Lord-Kiyo Amy Tribal Card :iconlord-kiyo:Lord-Kiyo 248 70 Tails Tribal Card by Lord-Kiyo Tails Tribal Card :iconlord-kiyo:Lord-Kiyo 409 153 Vanilla-Tribal-card by Lord-Kiyo Vanilla-Tribal-card :iconlord-kiyo:Lord-Kiyo 74 43 Cream Tribal Card by Lord-Kiyo Cream Tribal Card :iconlord-kiyo:Lord-Kiyo 207 74 Mina Tribal Card by Lord-Kiyo Mina Tribal Card :iconlord-kiyo:Lord-Kiyo 205 45 Manic Tribal Card by Lord-Kiyo Manic Tribal Card :iconlord-kiyo:Lord-Kiyo 289 19



Happy birthday to Sonic the Hedgehog! 26 years later and still pushin. :) 
Sonic 26th Anniversary
Today is Sonic's 26th anniversary! So I decided to make this piece of fan art since I am a transit enthusiast. I shows the original color of the Rockaway Park shuttle, along with the (2) and (6) train below it, with text below it says "Sonic the Hedgehog" along with "26th Anniversary" showing 26 years one of the most iconic video game characters known worldwide. 

Please listen to this Sonic song, it's really catchy:…

Sonic the Hedgehog belongs to SEGA. The Rockaway Park Shuttle, (2) & (6) train is property of the MTA. This is NYC subway fan art. 
Mobotropolis Subway Map
The map for the fictional subway system of Mobotropolis, a city in the Sonic the Hedgehog comics and in Sonic SATAM. It took me awhile to make this. Anyways, here are the following color lines.

BTW- here are the stop initials.
West Mobotropolis- Line 1
General Park- Line 2
Wils Street- Line 2
Government Street-Japantown- Line 2
Uyt Avenue- Line 4
Castle Street- Line 4
Princess Street-Garment District- Line 5
Ellard Street- Line

Current Lines
Brown-Line 1
Blue- Line 2
Yellow- Line 3
Red- Line 4
Teal- Line 5

Upcoming Expansion (Line Extensions/New Lines)
Western extension of Line 1
Southwest extension of Line 3
Line 6
Line 7
Possible loop line (line 8)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own "Sonic the Hedgehog". Sonic is owned by SEGA.
Catchy song that's so good to enjoy. :) 

Happy birthday to Sonic the Hedgehog! 26 years later and still pushin. :) 


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Artist | Digital Art
United States
Hi there! My name is SubwayArtist47! I joined deviantART on April 26th, 2014 while viewing karate art based of Sonic the Hedgehog. I am a New Yorker myself, and I love New York City, and the state of New York, especially the NYC subway! I am also a fan of "Wreck-It Ralph", and a bunch of other movies. I am a ROBLOX user too. I like making fantasy subway systems of my own (as well as fantasy cities and countries). I also like doing fanfiction, realistic art, martial arts fanfiction (as long as it's not dirty), track maps, as well as subway line bullets and signs (which I am very good and skilled at). I also do flags as well.

I'm a Railfan - stamp by Tigrar
autistic by windows99
Top Gear opening stamp by The-Oncoming-Storm
Top Gear Fans by Tawreh

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