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Hang On To Your Underwear!!
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This is a really cool piece you have made here. I love the winter clothing you have put in here, along with the nice backdrop of Saint ...

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Fictional Flushing-Main Street Station Sign :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 1 My 'The Art of' Disney Book Collection :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 0 Fictional NYC subway Exit Sign :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 1 United Eswijan Republic Flag :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 18 Digital Track Map :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 1 0 Track Map #1 :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 1 1 Flag of Sugar Rush :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 2 0
Big Hero 6 Remembers September 11th
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Big Hero 6 nor any of it's characters. They belong to Disney. 
In in tribute to those who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001. 
Big Hero 6 Remembers 9/11
It was bright morning in San Fransokyo. Many people going about their lives enjoying their day out. However, it's a different type of day; it was the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that occurred in New York City and the Pentagon. There was a memorial service being held downtown at the main police headquarters. In attendance were members of the police & fire departments of San Fransokyo and beyond. Also in attendance were familiar faces of the city; Big Hero 6. All of the team were attendance, and in black clothing. The leader of the team, Hiro, was with Aunt Cass and Baymax. 
There was a little talk with Hiro and Aunt Cass.
"I'm feeling a bit nervous." said Hiro. 
"Don't be afraid to speak."
:iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 4 4
Never Forget 9/11/2001 :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 0 Mushroom Kingdom Highway Sign :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 0
The T Chapter 2
Chapter 2: A Regular Day's Work
    The sun rose above Sao Paulo. People heading to work or some other place. Meanwhile, in Tommy's house, he woke up to the nice sound of the birds and looking at the bright beautiful sun. After that, he started fixing his bed. Once that was done, he went to the kitchen to make breakfast. A few minutes later, he had scrambled eggs, orange juice, and some nice cereal too. Tommy proceeded to the living room to turn on the tv and watch the news. It talked about a common issue in Brazil; corruption. 
"There will be a protest in downtown Sao Paulo among other cities calling for an end to government corruption." the male newscaster said.
"Corruption, huh..." said Tommy. He understood Portuguese well. He had studied it in high school before moving into the city. After that, he had finished doing breakfast, and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. After that was done, he went to put on his regular clothes (a blue
:iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 0
Deviantart's 16th Anniversary :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 2 0 This Makes Sense :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 1 5 Gift for Shadz-the-Fox :iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 0
Boxing Poem
The ring
The mighty ring
Excitement, cheer
Where you face your opponent
And show's who's best
The gloves
And the sport itslef
Are all part of the excitement
But it's not just for fighting
It can be used for a good cause
Bring people together
That's powerful 
What does this all mean? 
Boxing is a pretty awesome sport
That will be around
For many generations to come
:iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 0
The T Chapter 1
DISCLAMIER: I do not own the Codename: Kids Next Door nor any of it's characters. They belong to Tom Warburton and Cartoon Network.

The T 
Chapter 1: The Night Out
    Somewhere on a street, a man is about to rob a another man of his money. But, someone with a suit and light yellow googles comes down from above. Then, he grabs the man at his chest, and takes him down. Soon after, the other man (who was about to get robbed), was astonished by what he had seen. But before he could say thank you, the hero used his grapple gun and disappeared into the city. That hero was The T. The Tommy. He is well known to be Hoagie's little brother, Tommy Gilligan. He has been a superhero since he was 7. But now he's 20, living in Sao Paulo and in college. We all remember his old attire when he was 7. Now, he was totally new and modern. He wears a dark blue suit, along with it a waistband full of gadgetry (which are a grapple gun, bo
:iconsubwayartist47:SubwayArtist47 0 0


You Got Me Last Time... :iconchauvels:Chauvels 117 28 HumanOmega - The Joy of Pain :iconchauvels:Chauvels 75 29 Beat and Sonic! :iconlewboy:Lewboy 69 28 Kou v Otto. :icondrawing-4ever:Drawing-4Ever 53 21 Fox vs. Cat - martial art fight. :icondrawing-4ever:Drawing-4Ever 39 7 Character Sketch 2 :iconshongsalomon:shongsalomon 18 9 Character Sketch 1 :iconshongsalomon:shongsalomon 22 6 Go down. :icondrawing-4ever:Drawing-4Ever 87 54 FIGHT NIGHT: Sally vs Amy pg1 (Inks) :iconchauvels:Chauvels 115 30 FIGHT NIGHT: Sally vs Amy pg2 (Inks) :iconchauvels:Chauvels 95 17 Cami on the Ropes :iconantiumbra:Antiumbra 70 9 MOVEMENT PRACTICE: BOXING POSES :iconuliseskuroshima:ULISESKUROSHIMA 48 3 17 Lizardman Comm :iconsensousanka:SensouSanka 39 8 Fighto, Zansho!! :iconshongsalomon:shongsalomon 92 22 The Show Stopper! :iconmoodyshooter:MoodyShooter 69 12 Fudgy vs Deb :iconlizardman234:lizardman234 63 15



Fictional Flushing-Main Street Station Sign
A fictional billingual sign that would located on a station entrance at the terminal of the IRT Flushing Line (otherwise known as the 7 train). The language below English is traditional Chinese, and the 3rd language below the (7) & <7> is Korean. I made this sign because Flushing being Korean & Chinese neighborhood. I've been there before in the past, and it's nice. 

The translation were done through

The IRT Flushing 7 line is property of the MTA. This is NYC subway fan art.
My 'The Art of' Disney Book Collection
My 3 Disney "The Art of" Books I got over the years that were bought as Christmas gifts. Another positive note, I am a fan of all 3 of these films. :) 

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters that are in all 3 of books seen here. They belong to Disney. 
Fictional NYC subway Exit Sign
This is an exit sign that is seen all over the NYC subway system. This is a fictional exit sign that shows the exit for 48th Street and 6th Avenue that would be located in at 47-50th Streets-Rockefeller Plaza . Note how it shows Nintendo New York, a well-known store in Rockefeller Center that opened in 2001 as the Pokemon Center (it was remade into Nintendo World Store in 2005, and to the recent name above in 2016). 

Nintendo New York is owned by Nintendo. 
United Eswijan Republic Flag
A flag I made for the fictional Arab island nation of the United Eswijan Republic (جمهورية اسويجان المتحدة). Potentially making a profile for this nation at some point in the near future. 
    Digital Track Map
    A outlined basic track map (in digital) based on the NYC subway. Feel free to comment on how well this was done here. :) 
    This never gets old. 


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    Artist | Digital Art
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    Hi there! My name is SubwayArtist47! I joined deviantART on April 26th, 2014 while viewing karate art based of Sonic the Hedgehog. I am a New Yorker myself, and I love New York City, and the state of New York, especially the NYC subway! I am also a fan of "Wreck-It Ralph", and a bunch of other movies. I am a ROBLOX user too. I like making fantasy subway systems of my own (as well as fantasy cities and countries). I also like doing fanfiction, realistic art, martial arts fanfiction (as long as it's not dirty), track maps, as well as subway line bullets and signs (which I am very good and skilled at). I also do flags as well.

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